D404 CEMGROUT ADMIX (formerly Dura EV)

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Features: Compensates plastic shrinkage and natural settlement in cement grout. High fluidity and cohesion with low w/c for easier placement. Provides low permeability through reduced w/c. Chloride free - no corrosion of steel. High reliable quality - produced under rigid quality control.

Application Area:

It is extensively used to grout pre-stressed cable ducts, rocks, soil, anchoring, bearing plates, pre-placed aggregates, tunnel lining. It greatly assists any work involving the injection of a neat cement or cement / sand grouts or polymer cement slurry.


250gm D404 per 50 Kg bag of cement / 500gm D404 per 50 Kg bag of cement


40 X 0.25 Kg in card board box / 20 X 0.50 Kg on card board box

Short Description:

Expanding / Plastering Grout Admixture / Non-shrink Polymer Grouting Compound


D404 DURABUILD CEMGROUT ADMIX is a specially formulated product in powder form. DURABUILD CEMGROUT ADMIX is incorporated in neat cement or cement / sand grout mixes to develop non-shrink property. It is an excellent tested product for incorporation in injection / high pressure grouts.

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