Waterproofing of over head water tank

Overhead water tanks are often a source of leakage through the ceiling. The water from these tanks can enter the slab, beams, columns or brick work of the total building and damage the structure as a whole. Thus it is important to prevent such leakage using our comprehensive waterproofing range.


    1. Add DURA 1, an integral water proofing compound confirming to IS:2645, shall be added to concrete to reduce permeability and increase the durability. The dosage of DURA 1 is 2% by weight of cement i.e. 1 kg for 50 kg bag of cement.
    2. DURAKRIT (hardening-cum-bonding agent) shall be used wherever the construction joints are coming. On the existing surface, Cement : Sand slurry shall be applied admixed with DURAKRIT in the ratio Cement : Sand : DURAKRIT mix :: 1:1 : 0.6.The green concrete is placed before the above slurry dries.
    1. If honeycombs and voids are found in the retaining wall or slab, grouting has to be done through nozzles fixed at 1 m center-to-center with non-shrinking expansive grout, DURA EV.
    2. Make the surface free of oil, grease or any loosely adhering particles.
    3. Repair the substrate with rich mortar and DURAKRIT if there are any cracks (more than 1mm wide), pin holes, honeycombs, etc.
    4. Round all horizontal and vertical edges by making a mortar gola with rich mortar and DURAKRIT as per the specification of "Mortar Gola".
    1. Apply 2 coats of DURAGARD (cement based polymer/acrylic modified highly flexible waterproof coating) from inside. The coating must be provided at right angles to each other after the previous coat is touch dry.
    2. Water leakage test in full supply level will be carried out as per IS 3370 part 1 for seven days as instructed.
    3. Protect the coating by laying glazed tiles/cement sand plaster admixed with DURA 1 @ 1 kg for 50 kg bag of cement.