Our Managing Director along with other technical staff have amassed huge reputation in the construction world due to their innumerable association with successful projects. Consequently, they have attempted to reach their peers and protagonists in the construction world through their write ups and article publications in some of the esteemed construction and building material magazines. Some of their sample works are presented below:

  • A review on corrosion process in reinforced concrete structures by R. Ghanti:

    This paper focuses on understanding the corrosion phenomenon better by looking at its mechanism, distribution of corrosion products around the steel concrete interface, factors affecting corrosion and results of accelerated corrosion test carried out at Imperial College London......Read more.

  • Pumped Concrete with admixtures by D. Ghanti:

    The typical size of pour is currently quite small, around 50 m3, nevertheless the modern concrete pump, together with its associated hydraulically operated placing boom will be able to increase the pour sizes considerably. .....Read more.

  • Air Entraining and plasticising admixture for mass concrete by D. Ghanti:

    The concept of Air Entraining Agent (AEA) is already well known and has been accepted progressively in India especially through its practical use for dam construction. .....Read more.

  • Integral cement waterproofing compound by D. Ghanti:

    the addition of integral water proofers often offset errors at the practical stages of making concrete and to help produce concrete up to the specification. .....Read more.

  • Free flow engineering grouts and grouting by D. Ghanti:

    An article which explains the meaning of grouts, mechanism of grouting, its engineering characteristics and the mechanical properties of free flow non shrink grouts manufactured at Dura. .....Read more.

  • Use of Duramicrosilica to produce durable and waterproof concrete structure by D. Ghanti:

    Duramicrosilica reacts with lime / calcium hydroxide formed during the hydration of cement. This creates an increased amount of CSH (Calcium Silicate Hydrate) crystals which provides strength, impermeability and durability to concrete .....Read more.

  • Ground Improvement Techniques – with a Focused Study on Stone Columns by Mr. Rudrabir Ghanti

    A paper which was presented by Mr. Rudrabir Ghanti along with his colleague Mr. Abhijeet Kashliwal at IIT-Roorkee on the various ground improvement techniques. They won the third prize for their superlative effort......Read more.

  • ‘My name is Soil’ by Mr. Rudrabir Ghanti

    This is a satirical poem where the soil gives its autobiography on the various tests and stresses it has to bear during its life time.......Read more.