Data Sheets

Dura Build Care Pvt. Ltd. (1998) is a professionally managed ISO 9001 :2008 certified business house which manufactures International quality build/ construction care products.

Water Reducing Admixtures
Water reducing liquid admixture or plasticiser for concrete/ cementitious mixes D220 PLASTICIZER N (formerly Duraspred N)
High performance super plasticizing admixture. Complies with IS:9103:1999 and BS 5075 part 3. D222 SUPERPLASTICIZER 400C (formerly Durasupaspred 400C)
Superplasticiser for Slag or Pozzolona Cement Concrete DURASUPASPRED 300
High Range Water Reducer / Superplasticiser for Concrete DURASUPASPRED 500
Very high grade hyperplasticiser with high-workability-retention property for hot weather concreting DURASUPALATE PC500
High grade hyperplasticiser with high-workability-retention property for hot weather concreting DURASUPALATE PC400
New generation polycarboxylic ether based hyper plasticizer for high performance concrete and mortar D203 HYPERPLASTICIZER HR 300 (formerly Durasupalate 300)
Low grade hyperplasticiser with high-workability-retention property for hot weather concreting DURASUPALATE PC200
It is a hyper-plasticizer in aqueous dispersion based on advanced Polycarboxylate Ether Technology. DP320L DURABUILD HYPERPLASTICIZER
It is a hyper-plasticizer in aqueous dispersion based on advanced Polycarboxylate Ether Technology. DP190L DURABUILD HYPERPLASTICIZER
Water Proofing Admixtures
Extra fast setting waterproofing / plugging compound D002 INSTANT LEAK PLUG - L (formerly Dura 2)
Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound-cum-Superplasticiser DURATITE HR
Acrylic Integral Waterproofing Compound in liquid form DURACRIL
Multipurpose acrylic polymer for waterproofing and repair with corrosion inhibitor DIFFUCIT Techn D007 ACRYLIC POLYMER
Waterproofing liquid admixture for concrete/ mortar D001 - INTEGRAL WATERPROOFING COMPOUND (formerly Duratite LW+)
Waterproofing compound D001S INTEGRAL WATERPROOFING COM
Accelerating/ Retarding Admixtures
Water reducing cum retarding plasticiser D227 RETARDER ADMIX (formerly Duraspred R)
Plasticising and water reducing admixture with set retarding properties DURASPRED GR
Highly effective water reducing agent and superplasticiser D224 ACCELERATOR ADMIX (formerly Duraspred A)
Plasticising Accelerator for Concrete or Mortar DURASPRED RSP
Shotcreting Admixtures
Accelerating and Waterproofing Shotcrete Admixture DURASHOT - P / L
High performance alkali free liquid accelerator for sprayed concrete D233 SHOTCRETE LIQUID (formerly Durashot LAF)
Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures
Special Purpose Admixtures (Antifreeze, Pumping Aid, Lightweight Concrete)
Antifreeze Compound / Admixture for Cold Weather Concreting DURASPRED AF
Powdered pumping aid for static pump priming and lining D260 PUMP AID (formerly DURA PMP)
Foaming Agent for Light weight Concrete DURASPRED F
Air Entraining Admixtures
Air Entraining Plasticiser DURASPRED PAE
Chloride free air entraining admixture. Complies with ASTM C 260 D243 AIR ENTRAINER (formerly Duraspred AEA)
Durability- Enhancer Admixtures
Description: CAPISEAL ADMIX is a state-of-the-art Integral crystalline waterproofing admixture av CAPISEAL ADMIX
Microsilica/Mineral Admixture for High Strength Durable Concrete DURAMICROSILICA
Cementitious Polymer Coatings
Polymer Modified Cementitious Breathable Waterproof/Protective Coating AMBIGARD (formerly Duragard)
Two component cementitious coating D020XL AMBIGARD XL
Integral Waterproofing
New generation Integral liquid waterproofing D050 - CAPISEAL LC+
Cementitious crystalline integral capillary waterproofing additive for concrete D005 CAPISEAL ADMIX (formerly Duraconcrist)
Polymer Modified Bituminous Coating
Acrylic modified water based single component elastomeric bituminous liquid for concrete protection D010 ELASTOMERIC BITUMINOUS COATING (formerly Duramenjel)
Crystalline Waterproofing System
The CAPISEAL is a cementitious crystalline capillary waterproofing coating system. D051 CAPISEAL (formerly Duracrist)
Elastomeric Coatings
Polymer Modified Flexible Waterproofing Coating / Elastomeric Membrane D018 SPRAY APPLIED ELASTOMERIC COATING (formerly Durafex)
Elastomeric Polyurethane based membrane coating D134 POLYURETHANE COATING - 2K (formerly Durathane 100)
Waterproofing cum thermal insulation coating D166 - COOL WALL COATING (formerly Durathermokote)
Heavy duty acrylic based micro-fiber reinforced elastomeric waterproof coating for existing roofs an D016 MICROFIBER REINFORCED ELASTOMERIC WATERPROOFING (formerly Durakote HD)
Heat reflective and heavy duty acrylic reinforced waterproof coating for terraces D066 COOL ROOF WATERPROOF COATING (formerly Durakote Kool)
High elongation, elastomeric waterproofing membrane D015 POLYURETHANE WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE- SG (formerly Durathane 50E)
Polyurethane water based bitumen free liquidD011 POLYURETHANE WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE- WA (formerly Durathane 1k)
Waterproofing MembraneD012 POLYURETHANE WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE- WB (formerly Durathane BPU)
Elastomeric waterproofing membraneD014 POLYURETHANE WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE- SB (formerly Durathane 50)
Hydrophobic polyester resin systemD017 HYDROPHOBIC POLYESTER RESIN WATERPROOFING
Cementitious waterproofing cum breathable plaster for concrete surfaceD045 WATERPROOF PLASTER
Water Repellent Coatings
Silicone Based Water Repellent Coating / Rain coat D117 SILANE PRIMER-W (formerly Durapel W)
Injection Systems
Expanding / Plastering Grout Admixture / Non-shrink Polymer Grouting Compound D404 CEMGROUT ADMIX (formerly Dura EV)
Polyurethane Coatings
Cementitious Repair System
High strength micro-concrete for precision structural repair D345 MICROCONCRETE (formerly Duramicrokrit)
A Crack Filling & Sealing Compound in Two Packs DURASILFIL 2P
Single component, high durable, shrinkage compensated, micro cement based injection slurry D320 MICROCEMENT INJECTION GROUT (formerly Duragrout E1)
Single component polymer modified fibre reinforced, cementitious repair mortar with diffusive (multi D335F CRACK REPAIR POWDER
2 component zinc rich epoxy based anti-corrosive primer to provide galvanic protection to the rebar D311 ZINC RICH PRIMER (formerly Durarustobit ZP)
Ready to use filler D333 CRACK REPAIR PASTE (formerly Durasilfil Paste)
Two pack polymer modified cementitious repair mortar D352 CEMENTITIOUS REPAIR MORTAR-2F
Ready to use single component rapid hardening, high strength, non shrink repair mortar D347Q QUICK REPAIR MORTAR
Epoxy Repair System
Epoxy resin based patch repair mortar. Both clear and pigmented versions are available D367 EPOXY REPAIR MORTAR (formerly Duraxy RM)
Damp-proof water based epoxy coating for treating internal dampness D150 WATER BASED EPOXY COATING (formerly Duraxy WB/ DuraxyDampseal)
Solvent free, epoxy resin based primer for concrete surfaces D151 EPOXY PRIMER (formerly Duraxy P)
Epoxy Repair Mortar DURAXY RM - 3pack
Epoxy resin based 3component free flowing shrinkage free high strength precision grout for large gap D410 HIGH STRENGTH EPOXY GROUT-L (formerly Duraxygrout L)
Two pack system tar based epoxy joint / gap sealing compound DURAXYPUTTY - TE
Novalac epoxy resin based protective coating with excellent chemical resistance D156 CHEMICAL RESISTANT EPOXY COATING
Epoxy resin based 3-component high strength crack repair paste. D368 DURABUILD EPOXY PUTTY CRACK REPAIR PASTE
Polymeric Repair System
Multipurpose SBR latex for Waterproofing & repair FIXOCRETE (formerly Durapair)
Crack Bridging
Ready to use, water based, acrylic multi-purpose sealant D999 ACRYLIC SEALANT (formerly Duracryl MP)
Crack Injection Resins
Polymer modified water reactive liquid chemical grout for injection D323 POLYGROUT 1K (formerly Durajel)
Corrosion Control
Cement Based High Precision Grouts
General purpose free flow cementitious engineering grout D444 CEMGROUT DS (formerly Duragrout GP2)
Epoxy Based Grouts
Epoxy resin based 2-component high strength injection grout for very small gaps between 0.2- 10 mm. D322 EPOXY INJECTION GROUT (formerly Duraxygrout LV)
Grout Admixture
Mortar Additive in concrete
Liquid plasticiser for producing workable & waterproof mortars / plasters D228 MORTAR ADMIX (formerly Duraspred M)
Ready-To-Use Mortar
Anchors for Grouts and Mortars
Curing Compounds
Resin based, aluminised concrete curing compound D277 RESIN CURE (formerly Duracure R)
Wax based concrete curing compound D275 WAX CURE (formerly Duracure C/ WP)
Mould Release Agents
Oil based mould releasing agent D270 FORM RELEASE-O (formerly Duramol)
Emulsifiable concentrated economical mould release agents/oil D271 FORM RELEASE-E (formerly Duramol-E)
Cleaning Agent
Cleaner and Degreasing Compound DURAKLEN A & DURAKLEN DBS
Concrete Remover / Cleaning Etching Agent DURAKLEN CA
Powerful, Heavy Duty Tile cleaning solutions for ceramic tiled floors and walls D855 TILE CLEANER (formerly Duraklen HD)
Rust Removal
High-build Zinc Phosphate Primer for Re-bar DURA RUSTOBIT - ZPP
Protective Coatings
Anti-efflorescence cum dampness resistant primer for building surfaces and plastered walls D180 ANTI-EFFLORESCENT PRIMER (formerly Durashoraseal)
Clear silane / siloxane polymer based solvent D088 - SILICONE WATER REPELLENT (formarly Durapel S)
Coal tar based epoxy resin coating for steel and concrete surfaces D145 COAL TAR EPOXY COATING (formerly Duraxy TE)
Epoxy based chemical and abrasion resistant coating DURAXY C
Acrylic elastomeric exterior wall waterproof cum protective coating D168 EXTERIOR WALL WATERPROOF COATING (formerly Durarainkote)
Corrosion resistant, solvent free, epoxy resin based coating for concrete and metal surfaces D158 CORROSION RESISTANT EPOXY COATING (fprmarly Duraxy CR)
Water based pure aliphatic acrylate based anticarbonation, protective and decorative elastomeric ext D111 ANTI CARBONATION-W
Thermoplastic road marking material D199 ROAD MARKING PAINT
Epoxy Coatings
Solvent free epoxy resin based protective coating for potable water applications approved by FICCI D155 FOOD GRADE EPOXY COATING
Concrete Bonding Agent
Two component epoxy resin based solvent free concrete bonding agent D733 EPOXY BONDING AGENT (formerly Duraxybond)
Thixotropic Epoxy Resin Adhesive for Segmental Bridge Construction DURAXY SBA
Bonding Agent for Cold Joints DURABOND CJ
Tile Adhesive
Single Pack Polymer Modified Cementitious Tile Adhesive DURAFIX 1P
Epoxy Tile Grouts
Glass Mosaic white colored polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive DURAFIX 1P (WHITE)
Grey polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive for fixing floor and wall tiles in interiors DURAFIX 1P (STANDARD)
Polymer modified cementitious grout for wall and floor tile joints D880 CEMENTITIOUS TILE GROUT (formerly Duratilofil C)
Epoxy based Tile Grout D888 EPOXY TILE GROUT (formerly Duratilofil E)
Cement based polymer modified premium tile adhesive for fixing tiles on floors and walls in interior D800 TILE ADHESIVE (formerly Durafix 1p)
Building Sealants
Polysulphide based Elastomeric Sealant for Movement Joints D900 POLYSULPHIDE SEALANT PPS (formerly Durasil PPS)
Epoxy polyurethane based joint sealant in gun grade D921 HYBRID SEALANT GUN GRADE
Pavement Sealants
A Dual Pack PU Modified Sealant in Gun Grade Pouring Grade DURASIL TPU
Acrylic Floor Sealer Cum Curing Membrane
Acrylic Resin based Floor Sealer/ Curing Compound on matured Concrete/ Wet Concrete DURAFLORSIL
Floor Hardeners
Liquid Floor Hardener and Dustproofer D660 FLOOR HARDENER-L (formerly Duraflorhard)
Superior performance, dry shake non-metallic floor hardener D666 FLOOR HARDENER-P (Formerly Durahard)
DURAHARD M is a metallic powder hardener in Grey colour. It consists of selected and graded hard met DURAHARD M
Ready-to-use product for hardening and dust proofing of floors D661 NANO FLOOR DENSIFIER
Epoxy Flooring
Shelf leveling 2 mm Epoxy Floor DURAXYFLOR SL
Epoxy based chemical and Abrasion Resistant Floor Coating DURAXYFLOR FC
apid setting solvent less self-leveling floor topping system which consists of graded aggregates bo D678 SELF LEVELLING EPOXY FLOORING (Formerly Duraxyflor SL)
Polymer Modified Cementitious Flooring
Polymer modified single component self-leveling cementitious heavy-duty industrial floor overlay D670 SELF LEVELLING CEMENTITIOUS FLOORING (Formerly Duralevel HD)
White cement based polymer modified tile adhesive for fixing glass mosaic tiles. Conforms to IS 1547 D803 TILE ADHESIVE WHITE
Grey polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive for fixing floor and wall tiles in interiors. Confo D804 TILE ADHESIVE STANDARD

Note: We do possess 100% performance oriented product technology and can provide you customized products (other than the ones mentioned) with properties that exactly suit your needs.