Meet the team

Dr. D Ghanti (Founding Chairman)

Dr.Ghanti is regarded as a pioneer in the field of concrete technology and construction chemicals. His vast experience in product development and professional excellence in this sector is a result of years of diligence, persistent effort and highly skilled execution carried out in various global companies where he served as a research scientist.

Dr.Ghanti, a doctorate in cement chemistry, has an illustrious list of achievement in development of cement grouts, polymer concrete Polymer Concrete, high strength pump concrete mix design with retarding plasticiser, shotcrete accelerator and cement & resin anchor products. He is also credited with the development of pressure reactive acrylic adhesive and other popular industrial brands viz. Tapecrete, Conbextra GP2 to name few. Known as the "father of cement grouts" in Indian context, Dr.Ghanti is responsible for modification of European Construction Chemical technology to make it suitable to Indian conditions. During his tenure of over 30 years, He was technical head of the largest multinational construction chemical companies in India. In short, the legacy of our chairman further reinforces the company's motto. He also published numerous articles and conducted workshops on effects of construction chemicals on cement characteristics and RCC structures which can be found in Publications section.

Mr. Rudrabir Ghanti (CEO)

An entrepreneur in truest senseand projected MD of this company has completed his MBA and Masters in Concrete Structures from Imperial College London. He is responsible for taking key management related decisions and accountable for managing day to day company affairs. He is also doing his doctoral studies in the field of anti-carbonation and protective coatings manufactured by Dura itself at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.