UK Partners

Dura is proud to be associated with Fulcrum Direct Ltd, United Kingdom as knowledge management partners. This is a symbolic collaboration for Dura aimed at improving their product efficiency and performance. Dura are already producing international quality build care products which have performed consistently over the years but this arrangement would further enhance its established product credentials. This is perfectly in line with their increasing investment into research & development to provide foolproof technology to its clients.

This partnership would help Dura in:

  • Upgrading their existing robust technology
  • Refining product formulations from time to time to suit market needs
  • Keeping them abreast with latest technological developments
  • Validating their product performance
"..I honestly believe that such an association would not only benefit you but also the construction chemicals sector in India in providing them foolproof technology.."- Jeremy Jones (Director), Fulcrum Direct Ltd

Our Partner's website:

Dura - Fulcrum Collaboration Certificate

Collaboration/Partneship between Dura Build Care Pvt Ltd and Fulcrum