At Dura Build Care, we aim to disseminate technical information related to advanced concrete technology, better construction practices, quality assurance measures to site engineers in order to ensure sound and safe structure. Our well qualified team of material scientists, civil engineers, structural engineers would be more than pleased to offer you the following services at no cost to your esteemed organization:

Technical presentations

Technical presentationsIn the present scenario, only construction chemicals can help us envisage a future for our structures where the four mega trends viz. durability, energy efficiency, robustness and faster construction can be realized. If given an opportunity, our team would be present on-site showcasing our technology and wide range of products which can help you achieve this dream.


Product demonstrations

Product demonstrationsWe would be more than happy to demonstrate the efficacy of our products live in front of your eyes which can be attended by your site engineers, sub-contractors to understand the application related queries generally associated with our products.


Troubleshooting/Technical support

Technical supportSite Engineers are often faced with various issues related to concrete quality, strength, placement, development of cracks/cold joints, leaking structures, poor surface finish, poor bonding with old concrete substrates, repair and rehabilitation, etc. Our technical team would be present on hand in promptness to resolve your issues and provide unbiased solutions along with technical reports.


Customised solutions

Customised solutionsOn many occasions, customers come to us with unique problems beyond the regular issues of concrete fresh/hardened properties, waterproofing, crack development, etc. Our expertise in material science allows us to develop tailor-made products outside our regular product line assuring quality and integrity of the structures.


In-house training and education

In-house training and educationOrganizations can avail in-house training programmes conducted by our experienced and dynamic technical team to educate their personnel on best practices in making good concrete at minimal costs. Our engineers/ material scientists will come to your site and speak on key topics which is usually followed by a question/answer session where the site engineers can interact and put forward their questions.