Our Company

The name Dura which signifies "durability" was the vision of two ambitious personalities viz. Dr. Dhananjoy Ghanti and Mrs. Rekha Ghanti. They were instrumental in laying the foundation for the growth of the company which has already achieved an unprecedented record of approvals from consulting and construction industries. The company has grown from strength to strength and foresees itself as the market leaders in innovation, quality, technology and customer satisfaction in the construction care segment.

We realize the importance of quality and integrity in winning the hearts of our valued customers which has been incorporated in our company’s motto i.e. "Quality, integrity assured". The quality management system complies with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 which covers production, inspection, servicing of company’s products, management policies, thereby assuring continual improvement in manufacturing processes and customer fulfilment.

Integrity does not only refer to preserving the structural integrity of the structures where our products are applied but also reflects our company policy of honesty and pursuing "THE DURA WAY" of work. As a result, our technical and commercial expertise has ensured that we offer a comprehensive and complete range of construction chemicals.

As a part of its corporate vision, Dura intends to set an example in the field of construction chemicals by working in harmony with the environment and serve the various stakeholders with dignity and generosity.