DURABUILD 's Innovative Waterproofing Solution to protect roof of India's leading automobile manufacturer for a decade

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D066 DURABUILD COOL ROOF WATERPROOF COATING is an elastic resilient acrylic reinforced weather durable coating with dual benefits of thermal insulation and superior waterproofing

Waterproofing treatments on building roofs in India which are exposed to the vagaries of climate such as extreme heat and UV exposure, wind loads and monsoons face high stresses. These conditions along with the mechanical vibrations, which are common in industries, left the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL) roof waterproofing treatment badly deteriorated and leaking, causing damage to their equipments and led to production losses. The company was spending huge money annually for arresting the leakages through cracks and open joints in damaged bituminous membranes. Hence when MSIL decided to renew the roof surface, they were looking for a lasting solution that would do much more than waterproofing. D066 Durabuild Cool Roof Waterproofing, an amalgamation of acrylic polymers, microfibers, and special fillers which imparts it heat insulation properties in addition to the waterproofing characteristics was chosen over the existing systems for their roof remedial waterproofing.

Cost and energy savings

A major labour cost would have been incurred if MSIL had to physically remove the entire existing bituminous membrane and then install fresh system. The idea of doing patch repair in only affected areas was also ruled out owing to uncertainty of performance of non-affected areas in the long run leading to further maintenance cost. The entire MSIL maintenance team no longer could trust civil contrac tor s for their waterproofing requirements and wanted a professional OEM supplier whom they could rely for the entire project management. It was no longer a waterproofing job for MSIL; it was One Massive ® Project worth 2,00,000 sqm and Durabuild was entrusted with this challenge.

Test Report on the Energy Efficiency of Durabuild Cool Roof Coating tested at reputed CEPT, Ahmedabad

The waterproofing system employed comprised of D180, a nano-technology based primer to enhance the adhesion of the main coating with the existing bituminous membranes, and D066, a microfiber reinforced acrylic polymer based waterproofing cum insulation coating. The coating was reinforced with glass fibre mesh for increasing the abrasion resistance of the coating. The seamless coating eliminates joints, which are the main sources of leakages, and the special fillers combined with the white colour and borosilicate based hollow spheres technology helps in less heat absorption thus increasing the durability of the waterproofing system. The system's robustness, flexibility, versatility and compatibility with any substrate meant that costs were saved on two counts - no need for removing existing membrane system thereby saving labour costs and presence of microfibers meant system could take light foot traffic; be left exposed saving protection plaster costs. In partnership with Durabuild Performance Coatings Approved Applicator, we were able to able to deliver in a professional and time bound manner.