Waterproofing of Terrace Roof

Outdoor living spaces have become a part of today's modern flat design. An ideal terrace waterproofing should be able to resist leakage during heavy rainfall and provide insulation against heat loss during summers/winters. Dura's terrace waterproofing solutions improves the standard of your life by helping you incorporate open living spaces.


    1. Rake the construction joints to remove loose concrete from the joint.
    2. Drill holes and fixing nozzles in construction Joints and patching the joint with cement sand mortar.
    3. Grout the nozzles thus fixed with cement slurry admixed with DURA-EV (Non shrink polymeric grouting compound).
    4. Clean the RCC Substrate of all oil, grease and loosely adhering particles.
    5. Repair the RCC with rich cement-sand mortar and DURAKRIT if there are any crack (more than 1 mm wide), pinholes, etc. as per the literature of DURAKRIT.
    6. Lay mortar gola using DURAKRIT along the horizontal and vertical edges, other projections, etc. as per the specification of "Mortar Gola".
    1. Wet the RCC substrate by sprinkling water.
    2. Apply 2 coats of DURAGARD (Cement based Polymer/Acrylic modified highly flexible waterproof coating) taking care the subsequent coat is applied after the previous coat is touch dry as per the literature of DURAGARD. The coats must be applied at right angles to each other @ 2 Kg per Sq mt.
    3. Glass fibre mesh should be laid between the two coats to impart extra tensile strength to the cementitious coating.
    4. The second coat should be followed by third coat of DURAGARD after the second coat is touch dry.
    1. Apply a 20 mm thick protective layer consisting 1:4:: Cement : Sand mortar admixed with Integral Waterproofing compound DURA 1 at 1-1.5 kg per bag of cement where the RCC has the slope for draining off water. Otherwise, make the adequate slope by PCC.
    1. Lay Brick Bats/ Broken Bricks (Minimum 40 mm thick) laid to specified slope.
    2. Spread cement sand mortar 1:4 admixed with Integral Waterproofing compound DURA 1 at 1kg per bag of cement to fill in the voids of the Brick Bats.
    3. Apply 20mm thick jointless waterproofing Plaster in cement mortar 1:4 (1Cement : 4Coarse Sand) admixed with Integral Waterproofing compound DURA 1 at 1kg per bag of cement and finally finishing the surface with a coat of neat cement slurry admixed Integral Waterproofing compound DURA 1.
    4. Make vatta/gola upto 300mm in vertical wall.
    5. Mark the entire finished surface with 300mm x 300mm in grid pattern.
    6. Make khurras as specified for draining roof water.
    7. Cure the entire surface with water for a period of 14 days.