Partner Program

We are committed to working collaboratively with others to deepen the impact of our activities and extend creative possibilities. Working in partnership is a crucial element of the Dura's approach. We only enter into such arrangements where our objectives are complementary with the objectives of our partners. Any successful Dura agent must be able to provide local warehousing, stock-holding and control, logistics, debt collection, and techno-commercial support to all potential customers.
What we refer to as partnership can take a number of different forms and the usual types of arrangement are outlined below:

Technical Collaboration

Technical CollaborationAt Dura, we take a lot of pride in our technical knowhow relating to construction chemicals. Our scientific knowledge combined with civil engineering expertise allows us develop products which exactly suit the client's requirements.
We are constantly looking for organizations which have the financial/capital resources but are deficient technology wise. We would be more than happy to engage in technology transfer process provided you fit in our culture.



Distributors/DealersDistributors/dealers are the lifeline of construction chemicals industry as they often provide a single point of contact for solutions to specific construction needs. We would be more than happy to join hands with knowledgeable distributors/ dealers who can then promote our brand beyond the realms of bigger cities.
If you think you have the right ingredients to become our distributor, feel free to fill our distributorship form (Existing Distributor / New Distributor) and send the completed form to


Business Associates

Business AssociatesWe are also open to freelancers or business associates who work on a commission basis and market our products to end customers. If you wish to be one of our business associate then feel free to fill our business associateship form and send the completed form to
We would like to invite any other potential agent of good repute, in a market where there is room for significant growth to approach Dura Build Care Pvt Ltd through this website/email in order to start a discussion.