Case studies:

  1. Continuous water infiltration like jet at MCD multilevel parking site, Sarai Jullena, Delhi
  2. Crack Bridging of concrete bed on the New Delhi Railway station- Airport Metro Expressline
  3. Rehabilitation of a Two Storeyed structure at IIT-Delhi
  4. Cracking and seeping at PCA stadium, Mohali
  5. Difficulty in designing M40 grade of concrete, Manessar
  6. Restoration of the integrity of a cracked basement slab caused due to structural design problems in a tower at L&T-Experion site.
  7. Other High Profile Client list
  8. List of Major Public Sector approvals

Continuous water infiltration like jet at MCD multilevel parking site, Sarai Jullena, Delhi

Problem definition: There was continuous water leakage from third basement at MCD parking site leading to flooding of entire basement. One of the reasons was possibly due to faulty design or poor construction practice which led to water infiltration at high pressure through pores/ cracks/ joints in the raft due to capillary suction making repair job very critical.

Dura Solution: : Cement based injection grouting may be a solution when water pressure is very very low. When used in such conditions, these grouts are in danger of being washed away under the high water pressure before being set. Hence, Dura realized that it's poly-grout system i.e. DURAJEL was the right answer to tackle such a problem as it is a water reactive resin which has the potential to seal the pores on coming in touch with water through formation of foam/gel.(Refer to the TDS of DURAJEL for more information). Hence, it was used successfully in conjunction with other products in our product mix to give our clients a foolproof solution. The success of this job earned us tremendous accolades from our clients; following images further corroborates our accomplishment.


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Crack Bridging of concrete bed on the New Delhi Railway station- Airport Metro Expressline

Problem definition: Superficial/hairline cracks upto 0.3 mm were seen on the surface of the concrete bed. Cracks were also seen to originate along the periphery of the precast pedestal sleepers. This resulted in lowering the speed of metro trains running between the railway station and Delhi airport which caused huge losses to Reliance/DMRC owing to reduced frequency of travel.

Dura Solution: After a thorough investigation of our technical team headed by Dr.Ghanti it was found that these cracks had drying shrinkage origin. The cracks originating along the periphery of the sleepers were mainly caused due to the differential shrinkage between the two structural elements (non-monolithic) viz. Pre-Cast Pedestal Sleeper and the Concrete Bed. The differential shrinkage appears to be formed due to the restraint caused by the different elastic modulus of the two structural elements. To increase the ductility and the flexibility of the structure, we recommended them to use DURAFEX E, a material having a high elongation in and as such, be able to withstand stress due to dynamic load. It not only ensures crack bridging but also acts as a waterproof solution and resistance to entry of foreign chemicals.

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Rehabilitation of a Two Storeyed structure at IIT-Delhi

Problem definition: A two storeyed structure at IIT-Delhi was suffering from spalling, cracking and splitting of concrete in RCC elements like columns, beams, slabs, etc. Cracks were noticed along the reinforcement in RCC structural members and at the junction of RCC and brickwork. At some places the diameter of reinforcement rods reduced due to corrosion. Carbonation as well as seepage was also observed at several places in the building.

Dura Solution: 1 part of DURAKRIT was mixed with 2 parts of cement to form slurry which was then applied on the SSD surface (2 coats) to give a waterproof surface. It served as an anti corrosive coating for the steel rods and also inhibited carbonation. Moreover, it provided excellent bonding and adhesive properties to the concrete/ mortar which prevented cracking.

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Cracking and seeping at PCA stadium, Mohali

Problem definition: The cover concrete to main reinforcement of Punjab Cricket Association stadium wall was delaminated, cracked and spalled. The steel reinforcement was found exposed and rusted. The diameter of bars reduced considerably due to corrosion. Walls were found bulged at places apparently due to swelling of corroded rebars. There were vegetation growth and marks of leakage and seepage of water observed on the RCC elements.

Dura Solution: In order to ensure superior damp proof, anti carbonation/ anti efflorescence coating DURAKRIT was mixed with cement to form slurry which resulted in a hardened cementitious mortar showing excellent anti-corrosion and bonding properties. Moreover to waterproof RCC roof, slabs/ concrete walls, DURAGARD was applied which further arrested the cracking and ascertained superb breathing.

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Difficulty in designing M40 grade of concrete, Manessar

Problem definition: Our client BL Gupta and company at Manessar was unable to achieve the required strength of M40 grade using the normal mix design procedure. They were falling short of the target strength by 3-5 N/mm2. Moreover, in their effort to design higher grade of concrete they had to keep the water-cement ratio within permissible limits which again reduced the workability of concrete for pumping.

Dura solution: We suggested them to use DURAMICROSILICA which is a very high quality pozzolan that combines with Calcium Hydroxide to form Calcium Silicate hydrate gel. This gave high impermeability and helped them to achieve the desired strength of 40 N/mm2. To increase slump and pumpability of concrete, DURASUPASPRED was used.

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Restoration of the integrity of a cracked basement slab caused due to structural design problems in a tower at L&T-Experion site.

Problem definition: Cracks upto 0.3-1 mm wide were seen propagating from the soffit of the basement slab extending to the supporting beam which could seriously impair the load carrying capacity of the structure given the fact that it was a G+28 tower. The curing water above was seen to penetrate through the crack which could lead to major concrete related deterioration mechanisms.

Dura solution: Epoxy based injection grouting using DURAXYGROUT LV was suggested to render leaking slab as impervious and seal the cracks along with enhancing the strength of the slab. Two-component epoxy having low viscosity was poured/injected by authorised applicators. Epoxy based mortar DURAXY RM was required to seal the soffit of the slab so as to avoid the leakage of the poured epoxy grout.

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Some of our other high profile client list and case studies is given below in tabular form.

Clients Projects Products Purpose
DMRC Akshardham, Dhaula Kuan, Azadpur, Seelampur Durasupaspred, Duragrout GP2 Grouting of pylon base, pumpable concrete
Delhi Jal Board RCC water tank Duracorobit 60 Inhibit corrosion of steel reinforcement
BHEL Housing Durakrit Terrace waterproofing
CPWD/ PWD Hudco Place Wazirabad Bridge Rashtrapati Bhawan Duragard Durakrit Repair and rehabilitation along with aquaproofing
Larsen and Toubro Ltd. DDA mega housing Durasupaspred R Workability and pumpable concrete
Northern Railway Udhampur Durashot P Arrest landslides
ATS Infrastructure Ltd. ATS Green II ATS Triumph ATS Kocoon ATS One Hamlet Duragard, Durakrit, Duraspred N, Durasupaspred, Duracryl MP, Duraxybond, Dura EV Bonding, pitting and cavitation repair, curing, hydro-insulation, pumpable concrete, sealing cracks, etc.
Fortis Speciality Heart Hospital Duraflorsil To make the floor dust proof
G E Motors Ltd New press shop Durahard Floor hardening and make the floor dust proof, impermeable.
Amity International Institute Complex
L G Electronics Factory
Daikin Housing/Commercial Duragard, Durakrit, Durapel S Hydroinsulation, carbonation proof, adhesion, Dust/dirt proof

Apart from the list above, some of our high profile clients include MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi), NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation), JNU, Valecha Engg. Ltd, Ahuja Builders, Ashiana Housing Ltd, Bestech India Pvt. Ltd, Parsvnath Developers Ltd, Bachtel (India) Ltd, Amrapali Group, Tulip Infratech Pvt. Ltd, IVRCL Infrastructure & Projects Ltd, J. K. Lakshmi Cement Pvt. Ltd, H. S. Oberoi Concrete Pvt. Ltd, Engicon Systems Pvt. Ltd, Amardeep Developers & Projects, Amcon Engineers Ltd, C & C Construction Ltd, Groz Engineering Tools Pvt. Ltd, Villayati Ram Mittal (India) Ltd, R. K. Build Care Pvt. Ltd, IJM (India) Infrastructure Ltd, Omaxe Construction Ltd and many more..

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List of Major approvals

  1. DMRC
  2. PWD
  3. MCD
  4. DDA

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