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Features: Long lasting control of slump loss, Extremely high workability, speeds construction

Application Area:

Slump retention, strength, flowing concrete and pumpability


In 250 Kg or as per the choice of customer


0.5 to 2.0% by weight of cement

Short Description:

Superplasticiser for Slag or Pozzolona Cement Concrete


DURASUPASPRED 300 is a highly efficient superplasticiser with controlled set retarding effect to
produce flowing concrete wit Blast Furnace Slag or Portland Pozzolona Cement in hot climate.
Substantial water reduction can be achieved to promote high ultimate strength. It consists of modified Naphthalene Sulphonate salts

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Note: We do possess 100% performance oriented product technology and can provide you customized products (other than the ones mentioned) with properties that exactly suit your needs.


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