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Features: High flexibility & excellent tensile strength, Resistant to UV, oils, aviation fuels, many chemicals

Application Area:



6 kg (Pack A : Pack B :: 1 : 5) Primer : 0.50 kg (Pack A : Pack B :: 1 : 1)

Short Description:

A Dual Pack PU Modified Sealant in Gun Grade Pouring Grade


DURASIL TPU is a dual Pack PU Modified Sealant available in Gun Grade and Pouring Grade.
DURASIL TPU – Gun Grade or non sag type is used for vertical and inclined expansion/contraction (movement) joints and DURASIL TPU Pouring Grade is used for horizontal movement joints. When Pack A and Pack B are mixed, they form a tough flexible rubber like black material with strong adhesive property on most building substrates after primer is used.
Uses :
DURASIL TPU Gun Grade: Vertical/inclined moving joints in bridges, reservoirs, dams, sewage treatment areas and tanks etc. DURASIL TPU Pouring Grade: Horizontal moving joints in highways, runways, bridges, factory floors, airport standing areas, reservoirs, tanks, car parks, workshops and garages etc. Primer should be used before application of the above grades of Sealants.

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