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Features: Produces very high quality concrete with improved durability, High compressive strength

Application Area:

Basement structure, marine structure, spill way for dam construction, parking deck, industrial floors, shotcreting, glass fibre reinforced concrete, mortar, repair materials etc


3 to 10% by wt. of cement


In 25 kg. bag.

Short Description:

Microsilica/Mineral Admixture for High Strength Durable Concrete


DURAMICROSILICA is a reactive compacted microsilica/mineral admixture for producing highly
durable concrete with high strength characteristics. Chemically DURAMICROSILICA is a very high quality POZZOLAN which combines with Calcium Hydroxide to form Calcium Silicate hydrate. such Pozzolanic reaction leads to very high impermeability and strength of the concrete/mortar.

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Note: We do possess 100% performance oriented product technology and can provide you customized products (other than the ones mentioned) with properties that exactly suit your needs.


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