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Features: Cost effective cum durable waterproofing and chemical resistant. Protects rebar from rusting due to corrosion. Excellent UV resistance and tensile strength. Reduced efflorescence and salt penetration

Application Area:

Used as Repair mortar, Economical waterproofing of sunken portions, Bonding coat, Corrosion protection of steel


For mixing ratios refer the pack or technical data sheet


500 gm, 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg & 200 kg

Short Description:

Multipurpose acrylic polymer for waterproofing and repair with corrosion inhibitor DIFFUCIT Techn


D007 DURABUILD ACRYLIC POLYMER is an acrylic based cementitious liquid polymer emulsion with multiple complex corrosion inhibitor technology viz. DIFFUCIT® (Diffusive Corrosion Inhibiting Technology) designed for use as an additive with cementitious systems for bonding coat, waterproof coating and cement/sand mortars, screeds, etc.

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Note: We do possess 100% performance oriented product technology and can provide you customized products (other than the ones mentioned) with properties that exactly suit your needs.


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