D880 CEMENTITIOUS TILE GROUT (formerly Duratilofil C)

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Features: Easy to use and clean. Highly waterproof. Polymer modified. Non dusting / abrasion. High bonding, compressive and tensile strength ensure care free joints upto the life of the tile. Excellent matching of colours of tile. UV resistant

Application Area:

D880 DURABUILD Cemntitious Tile Grout is basically used to provide smooth waterproof hard wearing tile joints matching environment of tile. It is used in domestic floor and wall tiles and also in other areas like commercial establishment, interiors, exteriors, dry areas, laboratories, bakeries, super markets, show room, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, swimming pool, showers etc.


It depends on the size of the tiles and width of the tiles joints. For typically 3 mm deep joints the following table may be consulted as a guide line.


1 kg pouch & 10 kg bag.

Short Description:

Polymer modified cementitious grout for wall and floor tile joints


D880 DURABUILD CEMNTITIOUS TILE GROUT is used in filling tile joints / gaps. It does not allow water to seep into the back of the tile and cause; dislocation. It firmly holds the tiles together to provide a hard wearing, non-dusting surface to the floor tiles. It is recommended for filling both vertical and horizontal joints of the tile upto 12 mm.
COLOURS: Bright White, Ivory, Cream, Yellow, Pink, Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Alpine Blue, Dark Blue, Copper Bi Dark Brown, Terra Red, Smoke Grey, Black.

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