D800 TILE ADHESIVE (formerly Durafix 1p)

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Features: Exceeds the requirements of IS 15477 (Specification for tile adhesive for ceramic and mosaic tiles). Resistance to complete immersion. Excellent adhesion strength on all common building materials. Tile fixing-permanent.

Application Area:

Bonding ceramic/ vitrified tiles in exterior and interior situations on floors and walls such as bathrooms, toilets, shower recesses, laundries and swimming pools.


3.5-4 kg/sqm @ 3 mm thickness using thin bed trowel.


20 kg bags

Short Description:

Cement based polymer modified premium tile adhesive for fixing tiles on floors and walls in interior


Cement based polymer modified premium tile adhesive for fixing tiles on floors and walls in interiors as well as exteriors. It needs only water to be mixed to produce an excellent thixotropic tile adhesive. It could be used as a thin or thick bed adhesive for fixing ceramic, vitrified and mosaic tiles. Cured material is grey in colour.

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