D444 CEMGROUT DS (formerly Duragrout GP2)

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Features: Non-shrink positive surface contact, No rusting, staining on exposed edges- chloride free. Rapid installation and early operation through faster development of strength. Greater durability to installed structure. Simple to use-addition of water only needed. Highly reliable quality - produced under rigid quality control.

Application Area:

Grouting of machine base plates, turbines, pumps, production machinery, crane rails, generators , holding down bolts, anchor pockets.


Yield: 13 ltr / 25 kg bag at flowable consistency


In 25 kg poly packs

Short Description:

General purpose free flow cementitious engineering grout


D444 DURABUILD CEMGROUT DS is a grout for general purpose and DURABUILD CEMGROUT DS for extra strength.
DURABUILD CEMGROUT DS is a ready-to-use free flow cementitious grout in powder form. Only water needs to be added. Such fluid grout will maintain its original volume during hardening.

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