D220 PLASTICIZER N (formerly Duraspred N)

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Features: Highly workability-high strength- increased durability. Less permeable concrete.Increased cohesion. Lower unit water content. Economy in cement Reliability as D220 DURABUILD PLASTICIZER N is produced and supplied under rigid quality control and conforms to all relevant International Standards

Application Area:

Used in structural concrete or PQC imparting lower W/C with reduced permeability where poor quality aggregates are found, high ambient temperatures and long hauls in ready mix concrete transit mixers.


0.7 - 2.0 % by weight of total cementitious content; actual dosage to be finalised on the basis of concrete trials


20 kg & 250 kg drums

Short Description:

Water reducing liquid admixture or plasticiser for concrete/ cementitious mixes


D220 DURABUILD PLASTICIZER N is normal setting water reducing admixture / plasticiser based on modified ligno sulphonate which will increase the workability of concrete or allow a water reduction upto 10%.

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