Dura culture encompasses a friendly work surrounding, extensive interactions, transparency, an open office and more significantly a supportive environment where each employee becomes a part of other’s success. All employees are provided with the same workspace, facilities, benefits, leave time and travel allowances. The only variable is the salary which is based on performance and experience.

At Dura, performance is paramount. In order to ensure a superior performance, relevant training and incentive schemes are put in place. The monthly quality circle meeting enables the conception of new ideas and better information sharing across various departments which helps the employees to energize and assess themselves vis-à-vis their agreed targets. These sessions provide the platform for motivation, knowledge transfer and re-inculcating the tenets of "DURA WAY" amongst the employees.

Work Culture

The personality and experience of our managing director is reflected in the culture of Dura. His work ethics of honesty, integrity, passion, diligence, innovation, quality and dedication towards customer relationship management has been instilled in his employees as well.

We understand our responsibility towards the society, environment and other stakeholders. Consequently, our quality objectives of minimizing process loss and customer complaints by 10% on yearly basis gives further evidence about our commitment to achieve excellence in the quality of our product and services. We constantly strive to leverage all possible knowledge and facilities to our staff which ascertains a high quality performance.