Features: Two Pack System Tar Based Epoxy Sealing Compound

Application Area:

It is used in filling pipe, tile joints / gaps filler


2.5 Kg. ( approx. )


In 4 Kg, 20Kg. 50 kg, 100 Kg. Metal Cont.

Short Description:

Two pack system tar based epoxy joint / gap sealing compound


Description :

DURAXYPUTTY TE is a two pack system tar based epoxy joint / gap sealing compound. It is used in
filling pipe, tile joints / gaps filler.

Uses :

DURAXYPUTTY TE is basically used to provide smooth waterproof hard wearing pipe tile joints
matching environment of pipe, tile. It is used in domestic floor and wall tiles, pipes and also in other
areas like commercial establishment; laboratories super markets, showrooms, hospitals hotels, restaurants
etc. This material could also be used as Epoxy Putty.
Features :

• Pack-A off white and Pack-B black colour of mixed material is uniform black.
Easy to use and clean.
• Highly waterproof.
• Epoxy Based – non dusting / Non sag / abrasion.
• Excellent bonding, compressive and tensile strength ensure care free joints upto the life of pipes,
• Resistant to chemical attack.
• High quality product under rigid quality control system.
• Non shrinkage after hardening.
• Excellent adhesion to the most building materials.

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