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Features: Provides ling term corrosion protection, Easily applicable by brush or spray, High film build up in single application

Application Area:


2 to 6 M2 depending upon surface texture and finish


In 4 Kg & 20 Kg with proportionate Pack A & B

Short Description:

Tar Epoxy Based Protective Coating


DURAXY TE is a plasticised coal tar enamel modified with selected epoxy resin. It provides black coloured semi-gloss film for protection of all types of exposed, buried or immersed concrete and steel surfaces; it is supplied as two pack system pack A (base) and Pack B (hardener) in a premeasured quantity. These two packs need only mixing before use.
It is used as high quality protective coating for concrete and metal structure against corrosion from aggressive environments. It is most suitable for tanks above ground or in totally submerged condition such as pipe linings. Particularly useful in sewage works, effluent plants, docks and harbor installations.

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