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Features:  Microbial resistance - Possesses anti-fungal property and is resistant to microorganism growth.  Eco-friendly  Non-hazardous and non-flammable  Provides excellent water-resistant coating.  Water permeability - Reduces water permeability.  Excellent resistance to water, salt water, mild acids, alkalis & soap water.  Water dilutable with high covering capacity hence economical.  Solvent free  Anti skid coating

Application Area:

* Hotels & restaurants. * Apartments, halls, department stores, schools. * Gymnasiums, hospitals & laboratories. * Workshops, garages & parking areas. * Pulp & paper industries, sugar industries. * Oil industries. * Food industries, dairies, breweries, soft drinks bottling plants & clean rooms. * Swimming pools, water tanks, basement, sewerage treatment plants, water treatment plants. * Machinery mountings. * Can be used on walls/ceilings to resist chemical attack.


1 Kg mixed material covers 4-5 sqm.


3.5 KG & 14 KG

Short Description:

Food Grade solvent free epoxy Coating


A two-component solvent free epoxy coating, specially formulated for internal applications of potable
water tanks. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Most effective in preventing the growth of
harmful elements that are hazardous to human beings. It is a non-toxic and ecofriendly. It is 100% safe
for potable water contact. It possesses excellent water resistance, adhesion, hardness & toughness
properties similar to solvent based epoxy compositions. The smooth & glossy finish of the coating
prevents dust generation, so maintains the clean & eco-friendly environment

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Note: We do possess 100% performance oriented product technology and can provide you customized products (other than the ones mentioned) with properties that exactly suit your needs.