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Features: Rapid cure, 100% solid - no VOC emissions - DFT = WFT, High build film thickness in single application / pass

Application Area:

Steel and concrete structures, containment areas like tank, truck, piping and processing equipments, handling fresh and brine water and liquid solutions of industrial waste, salts, detergents, many acids, alkalis and other chemicals


2 - 6 m2 per kg of mixed component depending on DFT


25 Kg & 200 Kg

Short Description:

Elastomeric Polyurethane based membrane coating


DURATHANE 100 is a 100% solid containing solvent less rapid curing heavy duty polyurethane based two pack system of elastomer/waterproof membrane coating to provide exceptional protection for surfaces subject to movement or to cracking in severe chemical and physical environment.

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Note: We do possess 100% performance oriented product technology and can provide you customized products (other than the ones mentioned) with properties that exactly suit your needs.