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Features: Flexible – fiber rein-forced. Can accommodate movement

Application Area:


0.5 to 0.7 m² per kg with 1 mm thickness


In a 25 kg. HDPE sealed bag

Short Description:

A Crack Filling & Sealing Compound Single Pack


Durasilfil is an easy to use filling / sealing material based on polymer modified cementitious fibrous products. It is available in cement grey colour.
Durasilfil is suitable for any crack filling upto 6 mm width and also for sealing joint. It is equally suitable for sealing joints of all types of sanitary ware specially in the collar type of sanitary fitting. In joints of cast iron, asbestos cement, stone ware, ceramic, clay storm water drain and down-take pipes. It is most useful in sealing / filling cracks of masonry / concrete surfaces.

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