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Features: Ready-to-use by brush of spray directly from container, Equally effective on new or old surfaces

Application Area:


5 to 8 m² dependent on (brickwork/smooth plaster) porosity of the substrate


4 ltrs. & 25 ltrs. container.

Short Description:

Impregnation of Exterior Walls with Silicone/Masonry Water Repellent


Durapel Si is a clear silicone based solvent containing masonry water repellent impregnating agent, when maintenance of natural colour of the surfaces is called for.
When mineral building materials come in contact with water, they absorb varying amounts of moisture, depending upon their porosity. This can result in damage to the building whose exterior walls like brickwork, concrete, cement rendering, natural cast stone have been left unprotected. Durapel Si is the ideal material.

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