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Features: Low viscosity, Excellent solidifying and gelling property with water inside the structure

Application Area:

Basements, tanks and sumps, tunnels and tunnel segments, water retaining structures and dams



In 4 Ltr. & 25 Ltr. metal container

Short Description:

Polymer modified water reactive liquid chemical grout for injection


DURAJEL is a polymer modified water reactive liquid chemical grout most suitable for injection to stop water infiltration. When it is introduced by pressure/injection grouting method into leaking concrete, stonework or soil substrates, it forms a permanently flexible but tough solid gel in conjunction with water through the process of polymerisation. The viscosity of DURAJEL liquid polymer is such that it fills up all pores/crevices and voids inside the concrete structure even at 0.5 kg./cm² pressure by grout pump.

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