Features: Superb dust sealing property, Prevents water loss well bellow 0.55 Kg/m2

Application Area:


7 to 9 M2 per Liter


25 Liters, 200 Liters containers

Short Description:

Acrylic Resin based Floor Sealer/ Curing Compound on matured Concrete/ Wet Concrete


DURAFLORSIL is an acrylic resin based floor sealer/dust sealer over matured concrete and also works as a sealer-cum-curing compound over wet concrete.
As a floor/dust sealing compound on matured concrete. It seals the dust permanently. As a sealer-cumcuring membrane on freshly laid concrete. DURAFLORSIL treated surface can be used as a sound base for any other subsequent treatment, which is not generally possible with conventional membrane forming compound.

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