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Application Area:

Hhigh rise structures, canal lining, highways, run and taxiways, aprons and hard standings, roof decks, bridge decks, retaining walls, prestressed beams etc


3-5 m2/Ltr


25Ltrs, 100Ltrs and 200Ltrs containers

Short Description:

Concrete curing membrane


DURACURE C is a milky white liquid and DURACURE WP is a white-pigmented milky white liquid based on water containing synthetic wax emulsion. On drying DURACURE C forms a clear transparent film and WP forms white solar reflective film for reduction of the hothouse effect over concrete.
DURACURE R is based on synthetic resin and solvent with clear film and RWP is the same as
DURACURER but with white pigment for reflection. DURACURE RAL is also the same as
DURACURE R but with aluminium for solar reflection.

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