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Features: Very effective in cleaning rust/corrosion of Re-bars and their subsequent protection

Application Area:



In 1 kg., 5 kg. or 25 kg. container

Short Description:

High-build Zinc Phosphate Primer for Re-bar


DURARUSTOBIT – ZPP is a slightly amber coloured Polymer based solvent containing liquid and is used as a rust/corrosion cleaning-cum-preventive coating over reinforcing steel bar. DURARUSTOBIT - ZPP is basically formulated from polymer- solvent-containing film former and the latest corrosion preventive chemical with zinc Phosphate as Pigments.
DURARUSTOBIT - ZPP is normally used as a cleaner-cum-coating material over steel reinforcement after thorough cleaning like wire brushing along with application of DURARUSTOBIT -ZPP itself or sand blasting etc.

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