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Application Area:

No need for costlier Cement/Sand grout, Easy to handle packing, Eases the range of Pumpability


215 gms. DURA PMP gives 75-80 lit. pipe line lubricating slurry


215gms. Pouch in boxes containing 100 pouches

Short Description:

Concrete Pipeline Primer & Pumping Aid


DURA PMP is a Pipe Line Primer and pumping aid in powder form. It is packed in pouches. Once it is mixed with water, it forms a high performance component to provide the concrete pump with a costeffective replacement of costlier cementitious grouts/ slurries / other primers. DURA PMP works as a concrete pumping aid by reducing pipe line pressure. This eliminates the difficulty of pumping the hard mix with high friction but eases the range of pumpability. It is environment friendly.

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